Uplevel Your Training with Personalized Support HERE...

Do you want extra support & accountability during your CCFC Training?

Here are TWO options for you...


1-on-1 Coaching with Whitney Freya & CCFC Master Coach Angela Murray.

Read what this package includes and APPLY for one of EIGHT spots HERE.

From Whitney:

I only "work" with Rainbow Warriors who are in the CCFC Training and who are Committed to Sharing our Creative Practice with others ABUNDANTLY!

You have decided to join the Creatively Fit Coaching Training and THAT is wonderful!

You also want ALL the tools, ALL the secrets and ALL the accountability to support your most abundant and magical personal success (a "success" that benefits all sentient beings).

I am here to support you as you up-level yourself and your business.

I am a doer, a creator, and an implementer. I will not support or justify your perceived limitations--I will call you higher!

If that doesn't scare you...

If that gets you fired up...

Then, let's explore working together closely.

Learn more and apply HERE.

Energy exchange: *$2500


Accountability with CCFC Guides.

This is for you if you know that you enjoy personal attention and accountability to stay engaged and creative during the training.

What this package includes for personal accountability:

  • A CCFC Guide assigned to you personally as an accountability partner.
  • Your CCFC accountability partner will provide ONLINE check-in's with you once a week throughout the first 3 months of the training (when you are enjoying Vision Quest and Super Soul Flow) and twice a month during the 4 month Creative Biz Training.
  • The intention of these check-in's is to help to hold you accountable -- encouraging you to stay in creative mode throughout the training.
  • The check-in's take the form of FB messages, comments in our private FB group, and / or email check-in's. It does not include 1-on-1 calls. Should you choose to hire your CCFC Guide for personalized coaching, you would arrange that with your Guide individually.
  • A CCFC Guide just for you to ask questions, advice, share goals / milestones... (again, all via email, FB communication).

Energy exchange *$300.


Web Presence / Tech Support

This is meant as intro web presence and will not include advanced web strategies, such as sales funnels or placing Facebook ads.

What this package includes for technology & web presence support:

  • 3 x 30 minute Zoom Calls with our CCFC Tech Coach, Mysha Oveson.
  • First call would be at the beginning of the training, to share with Mysha your vision and intentions for your coaching biz as it applies to web presence.
  • Second call with Mysha would be at the beginning of the 4 month Creative Biz Training, in which you will create, among other things, a 3-part video workshop.
  • Third call with Mysha would be in month 3 of the Creative Biz Training to support you as you share your video workshop with the world.
  • Based on your needs & questions, Mysha will create video tutorials just for you that will be available on her website. How do I post REELS on Instagram? She will create a video. How do I add a voiceover to my video? She will create a video.
  • You have unlimited access to this content for 10 months, after which you can choose to register for Mysha's ongoing Tech / Web Presence Membership.

Energy exchange *$500.

*There are no options for payment plans for these packages.

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