IMPT: Welcome Video and 1st Steps


Are you ready for your life to become even MORE magical!?

Becoming a Creatively Fit Coach is a personal journey of transformation at ATTUNES you to your next level of sharing, healing, teaching, our world!

Thank YOU for saying YES to living even MORE authentically and taking back MORE of your creative super powers!

WHAT TO DO NOW: 1st Steps...

#1 Be sure you are in our private Facebook Page. The link for your group for your training is in the training schedule and in the email you received when you first joined the training. Click that link to request membership.

#2 Create your FREE account (if you do not have one already). Here is a video tutorial on how to do that:

#3 Create your online phone scheduler. This is a platform that allows people to click a link to pick a time to speak with you (on Zoom or phone). I recommend you use If you have any questions about getting this set up, comment below. It is pretty simple. You simply CLICK HERE, enter your email and click SIGN UP. It is free.

#4 Order your supplies! This is the fun part. You can check out the supply list and then my "Whitney Recommends..." list for lots of suggestions. I am NOT picky about what exactly you use for anything because the "left brain" can use the excuse that you don't have the exact color/ brush / adhesive... to keep you from taking new action into the unknown! LOL. AND have fun replenishing your supplies!

#5 BONUS activities to do before we begin the training. The last sections in our "online studio" here are bonus sections with video series that I highly recommend watching--like the Top 10 Tools to Use on Your Evolutionary Path" with me and Marie Mbouni, and my 3-part Creating Coherent Consciousness Video Series. You can also complete (if you have not already) the Life Artist Master Class that is FREE on this site. Go HERE to log in and join for free. Of course, you can read and create more from Rise Above (if you do not have your copy yet, go get one at or Rise Above is mandatory "reading" of course! This book is an entire workshop series / coaching program all done for you! Yay!

#6 SHARE YOUR INTENTION for this training with us all below. Thank you!

I am SO excited you are here!

Love to you,

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