Super Soul Flow . Session ONE

Each month you are invited to experience one of the Super Soul Flow Meditation Course lessons.

As part of the introduction to this course, you are invited to watch the Lesson ONE videos for Super Soul Flow. I have these videos available on YouTube as well. This way anyone can watch and take away whatever serves them the best. There is powerful content in these videos.

The intention is that at the end of these videos, one will "know" if they are called to learn this process.

Enjoy this 2-part video lesson here now.

Lesson ONE . Part I

Part II Video Lesson

In this 7 Month Experience to your Unstoppableness, we will be using the Super Soul Flow process to access your own inner wisdom.

For example, when you are "given" a dream to create into this physical reality, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the unknown steps. How is it going to work? Do I have enough time? ...skills? How am I going to pull this off? Know what I mean?

In Super Soul Flow, you learn a meditation process that guides you into a connection with the FUTURE You who has already created this dream into a reality. Just like you might have wisdom you wish you could share with your younger self, your older self has wisdom to share with you right now! Time is not linear and all possibilities are happening and also exist at once (in the quantum field.) We are going to harness this truth in Super Soul Flow and, in the process, learn how to dissolve worry and stress, anxiety about the unknown and self-doubt.

NEW experiences are NEW. They trigger the part of you that wants to be safe and stay in the known. We simply want to give that worrisome, anxious part of yourself and new way to process. Yay! I so love this!

On your journey to becoming UNSTOPPABLE, you are going to be given many new tools. Just imagine you were taught these kinds of things around the kitchen table growing up!? Well, we weren't and times have changed exponentially, right?! Let's learn new tools now and rock this "new eARTh!"

Love to you,

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