I AM the Unstoppable Dream . For Women in Recovery

Explore the new recovery paradigm in creative community.

Creating the New Paradigm Recovery Experience.

Are you ready to feel Unstoppable? Join me and Tammy Roth...

Meet Tammy Roth...

Tammy & I have known for years that we would collaborate to support women in recovery.

This is a deep dive into who you are as an Infinite Being and how to integrate all the magic & mystery in order to manifest a life that feels like a dream come true! As a part of this journey you'll be releasing the ties to addictive energetic patterns which block you from the truth of who you are on a soul level.

You are meant to live life in a co-creative relationship with the Infinite, the Universe, the field of pure possibility. Addictive and low vibrational patterns create blocks to co-creating. This process gives you tools to recognize and transmute the blocks.

When we live from the perspective of a human being who has a spiritual life, we are depriving ourselves of personal power, power sourced from our Infinite Self. To step into your fullest, most authentic expression we want to inhabit fully the imaginal realm and allow it to flow through us into this physical reality.

It is a journey into a new level of personal coherence: where your thoughts, words, ideas, actions and dreams are in alignment with all that is available to You.

This teaching that has been given to me is to remind you how to care for yourself as a VIBRATIONAL BEING.

Everything is energy. And everything is energy BEFORE it condenses into matter. You can choose to create the energy that IS YOU from the inside out. When you do, you become the sole creator of your experience. With the new awareness you will gain in this course, you will be even more empowered to create your life experience YOUR WAY.

WHO IS THIS RECOVERY PARADIGM for? This approach will work in tandem with other paths of recovery as well as a stand alone process. This is for the woman who already has a solid recovery program and wants to expand her life to the next level. This is also for the woman who doesn't have a recovery program. You will connect with your infinite self, as well as become a part of a community of other women reclaiming their inherent birthright as infinitely creative beings.

As your guides in this process,Tammy and I honor and respect ALL approaches to recovery.

When you join this program, you want to allow at least 7 months and you get to enjoy a community and content that will guide you on your highest path, dreaming into reality your deepest desires and wildest ideas, supported by the infinite field of possibility for the lifetime of this course. It is through this co-creative relationship that you become Unstoppable.

I AM the Unstoppable Dream, the online program, first launched in February 2020. Since then, my latest book 30 Days to Unstoppable, Be the Dream Made Visible, has been published and has inspired this new 7 month program that you can join any time.

When you enroll in this course, you also receive access to my other soul-inspired course, and inspiration for my 3rd book, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke at a Time, Super Soul Flow, The Meditation Course.

I have created a curriculum that guides you through a 7 month spiritual awakening, pulling from these two online courses, my latest book, The 7 Laws of the Universe and a RECOVERY COMMUNITY that meets WEEKLY on Zoom--because TOGETHER we are so much more.

We all know that the time is NOW to finally release any energies, beliefs, patterns, or stories that have been holding you back from living your most magical life.

I work with hundreds of people every year and I see you as you want to be. I see you already living the life you have, up until now, only dreamed of living. TIP: You wouldn't be dreaming it if it wasn't meant to happen.

Tammy has been working with women in recovery for over a decade and brings the process of Family Constellations to assist in clearing what blocks love and creativity from flowing to you. This is a multi-dimensional healing approach that dovetails beautifully with all that we are doing creatively.

I know that your dreams are not just your own. They are being GIVEN to you to create into this physical reality.

When you #1 realize this truth, #2 release the filters that are blocking you from believing in your dream 110% (the patterns of addiction, self-doubt, the inner critic, the language that creates limitations on top of obstacles on top of challenges...), #3 and bring yourself into coherence with the laws of the Universe... YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

In I AM the Unstoppable Dream, we will begin drawing the Flower of Life, leading into the source of all matter, Metatron's Cube. Alongside this creative practice, you will learn a guided meditation to connect you to the "Six Spheres of Wellness," creating within and around you such a high vibration that any dream you receive HAS TO come true.

The secret to miracle making and dream manifesting is to raise the vibration of your physical and energetic bodies to levels that attract high vibration, creative impulses from the quantum field. Like attracts like. As you can imagine, the vibrational frequency of addiction is LOW and through this process it can no longer sustain itself in your higher vibration. This process combines clearing out beliefs, patterns and ancestral energies that have kept you stuck in the lower frequencies of addiction while simultaneously learning to maintain the higher frequencies through your practices. What you focus on expands and we are going to ensure that more of the focus is on the new that is being created than on the old addictive problem.

As you surround yourself with your "spheres" full of love, compassion, courage, alignment, gratitude and presence, and learn to align with these energies, you can't help but reflect the infinite nature of our Universe and become a co-creator with the quantum field.

Of course, we paint. You will paint a mandala painting layered with your intentions and your Unstoppable Dreams!

Here are some examples of mandalas created by participants in this course...

Artists: Kim Sales, Antonella Bargione, Whitney Freya, Angela Murray (clockwise, starting from top left).

In Super Soul Flow you learn a complimentary meditation technique in which you connect to the aspect of you that is already where you want to be, who has already recovered, healed and who knows exactly what you need right now. With each meditation, you add to your Super Soul Flow canvas and finish it with your "wings!"

Here is participant, Aimeth Aguilar in front of her Super Soul Flow canvas!

Each of the 7 months we will explore one of the 7 Laws of the Universe, bringing you into complete coherence, to ensure that you have all the supportive energies available to you at your back.

There is an ongoing weekly support group via Zoom (which is held on Wednesdays at 4PM PT/5pm Mountain/6pm CST/7pm EST) and one to two other Zoom gatherings with Whitney Freya each month so we can connect as a community, learn from each other, explore how to transmute our life challenges into inspiration, and hold each other accountable.

**Even after your first 7 months are complete, you can continue to join us for these live gatherings.**

The detail and magic of the sacred geometry we are engaging at all levels of this course, merged with the alchemical nature of the blank canvas, the book 30 Days to Unstoppable, color and form, create a portal. You will paint a mandala of epic proportions that will transport you to your UNSTOPPABLE YOU!

Normally, I reserve this level of intimacy, connection and personalized group coaching for my Creatively Fit Coaching Training.

With this course, I invite anyone who is interested in achieving radical levels of self-awareness and personal sovereignty into circle with me and the field of miracle making.

You will create and align yourself to higher and higher levels of love + light.

You will meditate to rise above fears and worries that are not harmonious with the "Six Spheres of Wellness."

You will paint to connect to your highest creative frequency from which YOU become the Unstoppable Dream.

You will join in sacred circle with other Rainbow Warriors who know that when enough of us remember that we are truly creating our reality in each moment, we will experience the shift from fear to love.

When you join us in February / March 2021, in conjunction with the launch of the book, you will be able to submit your art to be considered for the Unstoppable Dream ORACLE DECK!!!

(no extra charge)

Your Coach

Whitney Freya
Whitney Freya

Whitney Freya & Tammy Roth's paths have been intertwining since 1996, whine Whitney opened a new paradigm art center in Nashville, TN called The Creative Fitness Center. They reconnected during Tammy's recovery journey and then, again, after a horse fall Whitney experienced as part of her own underworld journey that was her marriage. When they reunited in 2017 via Whitney's Creatively Fit Coaching Training, Whitney knew immediately that she wanted to co-create a program for women in recovery with Tammy.

Since launching The Creatively Fit Coaching Training in 2010, a foundational truth for Whitney has been that the deepest, muckiest underworld journeys are a signal of a person's inherent soul level mastery, just waiting to be illuminated. She sees the times of suffering we all inevitably experience (those of us on the "Spiral Path" as she understands it) as initiations preparing us to fully step into our fullest creative power, the power that is one and the same with the Sacred Feminine. This coaching training is a union and offers the energy of union to all who feel the call. Whitney Freya is a guiding light, a "star in the constellation" and happy to create space for Tammy to fully express and share her own North Star.


Feelings of security & safety are going to come more and more from within. As the external world continues to shift and transform, many of the old systems crumbling to make way for the new, your internal world is THE source of whatever you desire to experience in your life.

Your journey to living as a limited, physical being to living as an infinite, energetic being is the most important "trip" you will take this year.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You can start any time. You can choose to allow the 7 month structure to create the container for your transformation into You as the Unstoppable Dream or take as much time as you like. The time is now. If you want to live your most powerfully, experiencing one dream come true after another, what are you waiting for? This level of personal growth accelerates when you connect to a community who will not only support, but challenge you and when you are in the presence of those who are further ahead on the path. Together we create change so much faster than alone.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How much time do I need each week to participate?
The course is organized into monthly modules with monthly group calls, guided meditations, painting prompts and so much more. How much time you spend is up to you and since you have lifetime access (to the group calls as well) you can allow yourself as much or as little time as you are able. Let's let go of the idea of "not enough time" or "enough time." YOU are an infinite being. The question for you is: What do you want? If you want radical, transformative, 180 degree kind of change in your life, I would recommend 30 minutes a day to 7 hours a week! If you want to expand and maintain (in an ever-expanding kind of way) your current spiritual growth, then perhaps one hour a week will be perfect for you. Can you give yourself the grace to follow your heART and allow this process to guide you? That is where we are headed together!
What if I am already enrolled in Super Soul Flow?
I am so grateful that you have joined me for Super Soul Flow. The price for I AM the Unstoppable Dream stands alone and SSF is included as a special gift to launch Whitney Freya's latest book, 30 Days to Unstoppable. Your price to join this program is the same.
Do I need to purchase 30 Days to Unstoppable to participate?
You do not. A PDF of the book will be included in this program starting February 11th, 2021, the date of the official launch. AND you will love to hold this book in your hands. You can purchase via amazon at any time. Thank you so much.

The "energy exchange" or fee for this course below is our introductory price. Money is energy and where we invest and where we place our value all contributes to the life we experience. This course receives a lot of Whitney Freya's energy, comparable to her Creatively Fit Coaching Certification, and the price reflects that. And this current price of $999 reflects the launch of this new program. If you feel the call, now is the time to join!

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