5 . YOU are the Miracle Maker

Today you say YES to this journey and set your intention for the days ahead. 

You are not here, reading these words, by accident. 

You are being called into a new experience of yourself.

This journey will be an untethering of your soul.

You are liberating yourself from structures that no longer serve you and choosing to align with the sacred geometry of life’s purpose.

Be here now. Allow the spiraling, ascending currents to carry you higher and higher. Spread your wings. Let go of your familiar perch. 

With a new sense of union, trust this new beginning.

I AM the Unstoppable Dream is an invitation into a state of BEing. 

It is an invitation to remember that your omniscient truth is that you are the union of spirit and matter. As such, your human consciousness is the intermediary between what “is” and what “is to be.” 

This state of union is WHO YOU ARE and, yet, it has become illusive, veiled by distractions, falsehoods and fears.

I AM the Unstoppable Dream is a process within which you get to remember the truth of the ALL of who you are, to receive permission to create your life with the full power of the infinite cosmos above you and the abundant eARTh below you as they meet in ecstatic reunion, and to move confidently in the direction of your dreams from this energetic space. . All you have to do is cultivate within you a high vibration frequency that sources its power from your center, your heART. 

You will make the shift from the frequency of DOing, which is dependent on your external world and external forces, to the frequency of BEing, which dances with your internal world and finds inspiration in the boundless landscapes of possibilities within you. 

To experience the different energies of the two simply take 3 deep breaths right now and, then, ask yourself, first, “What have I been DOing in my life the last couple of days?” 

Then, second, ask the question, “How have I been BEing in my life over the last couple of days?” 

Meditation... Life is an Inside Out Job

Take 3 deep breaths right now and, then, ask yourself, first, “What have I been DOing in my life the last couple of days?” 

Then, second, ask the question, “How have I been 

BEing in my life over the last couple of days?” 

Do you feel, feel, feel the difference? 

Do you receive the truth that is the frequency or vibration of each one, DOing and BEing? 

You can do, do, do to the point of exhaustion. And the DOing never ends. There will always be more on the list and you will die with items left unchecked. Does this feel heavy or light? Do you sense a wellspring of truth and energy rising to the surface of your consciousness as you tap into the energy of your DOing or no? 

Now...how do you BE in your world? What is the energy you are bathing yourself in each day? What is the energy radiating out from you? How do you FEEL as you move through the minutes, one by one by one? 

I AM the Unstoppable Dream is an invitation to create your heART’s desires into your reality, to live life aware of the magic and possibility available to you in each moment. Your Unstoppable Dream simply wants you to prepare its “landing pad” of sorts, it’s the point of entry, by BEing in alignment with the frequency of your heART. 

YOU ARE the Unstoppable Dream when you remember that YOUR dream is really the desire of the Universe and you are RECEIVING the inspiration and being asked to co-create it into this physical reality WITH THE COOPERATION of Source. 

YOU become unstoppable when you remember that life is the canvas of your Soul and this dream you have received is like a color on your Soul’s palette. Simply allow your Soul to be your muse and expect to be guided.

Your Unstoppable Dream does not need you to work harder, to struggle or strain against the physicality of life. 

Your Unstoppable Dream is at the center of a mandala of energies, resources, support and potential, it simply needs you to receive it and, then, be its on-the-ground agent of action and change.

You will play with the sacred symbol of the mandala, specifically Metatron’s Cube, to bridge the unseen with the seen. It is across this bridge that you will usher your Unstoppable Dream into your reality.

Through this process, you will receive a sacred creative practice that will welcome you into a new awareness of how to relax into your most loving and receptive BEing. From this place, you can TRUST that when you get the call from your Unstoppable Dream, you will have everything you need to usher it into your physical experience. 

How do you know the call? 

Your Unstoppable Dream visits your consciousness as a “crazy idea,” a familiar vision you’ve always had for your life or a flash of insight. 

Your Unstoppable Dream ALWAYS comes draped in the energy of excitement, joy or gleeful anticipation. OR it arrives and you feel its call in your bones; it’s that moment when you FEEL, “this is why I am here.” It signals to you that it wants to find a union in your heART with high vibration states of BEing. 

Set your intention for this journey now. It can be simple. My intention is to open. My intention is to raise my vibration and live from this higher perspective each day. My intention is to release everything that has, up until now, caused me to feel stoppable. My intention is to fully embody my human BEing.

Please share your musings below.

Welcome to your UNSTOPPABLE, miracle-making Self!

Enjoy this guided meditation below to integrate this lesson.

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