Welcome Video from Whitney Freya

I AM so grateful you are joining me and Tammy and Antonella on this journey!

TIPS for How to Enjoy this Course

I want to give you some tips on how to move through this course.

If you like structure, details, and to KNOW what happens when and how and why... this is my attempt to create some happy inside you.

AND, please know that any patterns you have of holding on too tight to structure and trying to "control" your experience may be in the process of being transmuted into TRUST and greater FLOW in your life.

For example, I have learned, read, received from multiple sources, including my own guidance, lately that "Spirit" wants you and me to stay super present. Since the world is in such a rapid state of change on so many levels, looking ahead and planning ahead and wanting to know exactly what is ahead is counterproductive to your soul's journey. Your Infinite Self knows that there is a balance, being an Infinite Being in a human body, and staying present, asking and opening up to what is the VERY next step (rather than 10 or 100 steps ahead) is the easiest way to walk your highest path right now.

I am sure we have all experienced recently this truth as we reflect on how we thought 2020 was going to go vs. how it actually rolled out. Right!?

The pandemic has required all of us to stay more present simply because we have had no way of knowing what the future was / is going to look like down the road.

When in doubt, go within. Meditate with the Unstoppable Dream meditation. Connect to your Six Spheres of Wellness and your next steps be clear.

Here's the easiest way to proceed in this course...

FIRST, create a 7 Month Container for your journey.

Whenever you join, first read / watch all the lessons in the Welcome Section. In "Unstoppable Dream Land" we begin the "new month" on the 11th of each month. Say you sign up on the 24th of whatever month. Take the 24th to the 11th of the next month to enjoy the Welcome Section. Then, on the 11th, begin Month One.

You have lifetime access to this course, so you will be able to access everything for many, many months. So, be gentle and kind with yourself.

SECOND, each month experience each of the lessons in the order they are listed.

The order the lessons are in is intentional. For example, each month explores a different Sphere of Wellness, so that is always the first lesson. Then, we are allowing each of the 7 Laws of the Universe to inspire each month. So we want to understand the "Law of the Month" at the beginning of each month and allow it to integrate into our being as the month progresses.

THIRD, there are exceptions to every rule.

The ARTual (ART + ritual) lesson created by Antonella Bargione, one for each month, is intended to be an additional resource for you. You may sense that you FEEL CALLED to the ARTual lesson at the beginning, middle or end of the month. You may allow it to inspire more painting time, or your personal oracle painting. Remember, you are not being graded here. Your "inner school girl/boy" that wants to do everything "right" is be transformed into your sense of personal sovereignty. You are meant to LIVE and CREATE and ENGAGE IN THIS COURSE your way! There is no right or wrong. There is just "what do I want right now?" Got it!? Permission to be true to your journey through this course.

FOURTH, join us (or watch the recordings) for as many of the Live Zoom Gatherings as possible.

One of the biggest reasons I am able to offer multiple monthly Zoom Gatherings is because of the "pop-up" format. This may challenge your planning / structure mind. That's ok. We will give you as much notice as possible (especially for ONE of the gatherings) so you can mark your calendars. AND there will be 1 or 2 a month that will be spontaneous and your Infinite Self LOVES spontaneity. You will receive and email from this course (please check your profile settings in this Teachable platform to be sure you are set to receive emails), the time will be posted in the Live Zoom Gatherings section in the WELCOME Section, and we will post in our private FB group. Set the intention now that you will be able to attend these gatherings in perfect timing. One may pop up just when you need it! And it allows for me, Whitney Freya, to receive new guidance and act on that inspiration! I love, love, love getting to interact with you in person. LOVE it! And being flexible is going to make way more gatherings possible. And, as stated in the THIRD section above, regarding personal sovereignty... it is important for me to show up and offer this course in the way that feels the most authentic and true to me, my desires, and wishes. Yay! Permission to do the same is hereby granted to YOU!

This is my oldest daughter, Jordan, sky diving! Look at that face!? Check her @deepblueworld1 on Insta!

FIFTH, have fun!

If you're not having fun. check in with yourself. This is meant to be fun. There may be some powerfully healing moments AND even that can be fun, once the tears have been released! You may want to revisit my JOY chapter in Rise Above. I wrote that after learning a BIG lesson and being overwhelmed by the energy of joy I received with the knowledge that I had, indeed, RISEN ABOVE one of life's dramas.

SIXTH, use the journal or a journal to reflect and expand your ability to witness yourself.

The Unstoppable Dream Journal (here in a downloadable format or available for purchase on amazon.com soon) is meant to create space for you to reflect on what you are "remembering" each month. Setting a monthly intention and reframing challenges or opportunities to come into greater coherence throughout the month is invaluable. I will try to keep this section updated as the journal becomes available in print.

SEVENTH, allow your copy of 30 Days to Unstoppable to compliment your experience here.

You do not need the book to do this course. And it is the perfect compliment. You can purchase your copy on Amazon.com.

LASTLY, your oracle paintings.

We are creating such a dynamic, high vibration community here, that we always felt there was going to be some magical, even prophetic, and for sure healing paintings that you might create as a result of your time here. The ARTual Lessons are intended to facilitate the creation of your oracle paintings and, of course, you may find yourself painting in a vortex of inspiration spontaneously. Go with it! We are creating an oracle deck to accompany 30 Days to Unstoppable and will be asking for you to submit your paintings for consideration. For more information about this process (including the size to paint for printing) please go to the ARTual lesson in Month ONE.

This course is "evergreen," which means anyone can join anytime. And it will continue to evolve as we are called to enhance or change it and as we receive your feedback.

May this experience illuminate for you new personal power, magic, sovereignty, and UNSTOPPABLENESS. I have NO doubt at all that you are an Infinite Being here now in this physical body to be a part of this incredible transformation our planet is experiencing. It begins with each one of us going within to create love and harmony that it may ripple out and benefit all sentient beings. And so it is...

Yours in spirit,

Now, meet Antonella Bargione!

You have access to ALL the same content as the "Mother" I AM the Unstoppable Dream. In this version for Women in Recovery you ALSO have the benefit of Tammy Roth's guidance and her own magic!

I asked Antonella to co-facilitate the course with me because in the winter of 2020, when we first experienced Unstoppable Dream so that I would write the book, Antonella shared SO much with the group. She is a beautiful ritualist and so she is leading up the ARTual and Oracle Painting aspect of this course. You will LOVE getting to know her! 

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