An overview of my watercolor journal so far...

In this video, I share my art journal with you so that you can see how I continued to create "first layers" before receiving a subject, or design, for each one.

At this point in our Greece Journey, the process that we are learning, that you will take away from this course, was still being revealed.

In part SIX, we will share together the AH-HAH moment I had when I realized what we were being offered in this experience. AND I mean you AND I...

I want you to FEEL this experience unfolding, like any meaningful journey, in spite of well laid plans or a desire to know EXACTLY what is going to happen and when.

ART GYPSIES thrive in the present moment, open to what is wanting to come THROUGH us and be GIFTED to us in so many ways.

How do you feel about the energies of SPONTANEITY, MYSTERY, FLOW, ALLOWING...?

Please share below in the comments where YOU are right now in this journey.

Are you feeling a desire for MORE structure?

Do you want to get to painting someTHING quicker?

Can you hold on loosely to how you think things "should" progress and simply allow yourself to FEEL the energy of curiosity...of WONDER?

I wonder where this will lead us???

THIS is the ART GYPSY GURU invitation.







In the next section, SIX, we get to experience together the AH-HAH!

I knew all along GREECE was going to co-create this course with me.

You will see how I had been talking about all of these same things from the very beginning, AND there was still one piece that was wanting to fall into place...detachment.

Join me in part SIX of our Greece ARTventure to receive the invitation!

Please share your comments below...

Thank you, ART GYPSY!

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