The Art Gypsy Greece Story from Whitney Freya

Greece was one of the first places I was shown my magic.

I arrived in Athens after a week cruise “UP” the Nile in Egypt and after CLIMBING the Great Pyramid! Seriously, I did NOT see the signs and I DID see the police and crowds gathering at its base!! THAT whole experience is a mystery in and of itself. Needless to say, I arrived two days later in Athens still unable to bend my knees when I walked—my legs were SO sore from my quick up and down the pyramid!

Here I am just after my descent...can you tell I was a bit wobbly? The image on the left is one I took while climbing the GREAT PYRAMID!

So when, two days later, I was surprised to be running through the streets of Athens, hobbling with my huge backpack, to catch a ferry! The hunch that led to the ferry also led me right into five of my best friends from college! Mystery solved! It was in Greece that I began to learn how to trust those fleeting, “random,” thoughts.  Was there something there, in that land, that was helping me, reminding me…? We shall see.

Here we are on IOS, after the magical reunion!

Facing my greatest fear was a beginning AND an ending.

In the months leading up to crossing this threshold (my greatest fear), for me a divorce, I began working with a shaman. Have you ever learned about your past lives? Well, the first one that “came up” guessed it. I lived in Greece.

I was a Priestess.

I led a community, that, through the plotting of the patriarchy against the divine feminine, eventually sentenced me to death.

I’ve spent lifetimes trying to atone for my betrayal, even though I was more of a pawn than anything else. While I am grateful to be in this lifetime now, guiding people within to their own “inner priestess,” there is still a calling to unite once again with my own priestess wisdom. Maybe that is why this trip to Greece called to be so strongly...

I met Harpal in Kathmandu.

She came to help us with Creativeness Fest. We immediately KNEW each other. We slept together (LOL—limited bedding at the home of our generous hosts) and explored mountain villages and ancient Buddhist Stupas.

This photo is from the first night we met--Kathmandu was celebrating New Years. She is in the green dress...that look! She must have known we had future ART GYPSY Adventures in store!

Harpal lives in London and is a bit of a nomad.

She came to stay with me in Oregon for a month last winter.

She mentions that she often goes to Greece. It is like a second home to her. She always stays on this one particular island where she has befriended many of the locals and feels quite at home.

The island is remote, off the beaten path.


I knew I would travel to Greece with her “some day.” It felt like I “should” go to places I have never visited. Some day…the seed had been planted.

This past fall of 2017, I was almost caught off guard when I realized 2017 was about to end.

I wasn’t ready. I loved 2017. I love the number 17—Whitney Freya adds up to 17 in numerology. It was the year I was guided by the feather. I had feathers in my hair, I had started to fly my paraglider—my wing! I published my new book, Rise Above!! I didn’t want 2017 to end. I had not EVEN thought AT ALL about 2018!

Flying "practice" at home in Oregon...

As I settled into the reality that 2017 would in fact end, I tapped into a different “hunch.”

2018 felt like a wild card, a “wrinkle in time.” This is the year to DO IT, DREAM IT and MAKE your dreams real. I began to speak this to others, friends who also had this intuition.

Then, a memory crossed my mind…”I travel around the world to beautiful places to video my online programs.” I had said this off-handedly in a joking way after returning from Australia, New Zealand, and the Canadian Rockies where I had, among many other work-related things, created the videos for Super Soul Flow. I said it in that way one says things that are almost too far out. “Wouldn’t that be TOO much!? Life can’t be THAT good!” Or can it…

2018…a wrinkle in time…the Universe handing us the “golden ticket.” YOU CAN DO IT, HAVE IT, BE IT…AND YOU HAVE TO DO IT NOW. NOW. NOW. NOT LATER. NOW. TRUST. DIVE IN. HAVE FAITH. FOLLOW YOUR HEART. DO IT NOW.

What would I do if I could do ANYTHING? Hmmmm…

What would YOU do if you could do ANYTHING??? This course is, among MANY other things, your invitation to say YES to your own wild ideas, whims of fancy, & dreams.

The time is now...if not now, when?

I got to talk to Harpal just after the New Year.

She told me she was planning on spending March to June in Greece.

Just as she said that…almost before she had finished saying …JUNE… I remembered something I had said months earlier…

”I travel around the world to beautiful places to video my online programs.”

In the next second…

“Let me know when you have a watercolor program.”

Watercolor Greece…2018, dream, dream, and execute, EXECUTE. Make it happen NOW. Boom!

I left April 2nd. I arrived back from Mexico with my kids from Spring Break April 1st. Who does this? Who lives a life like this?

I do.



Because I said so.

And NOW guess who gets to come along with me…YOU!

We will paint together here...

SO happy you are joining me!

Whitney Freya

P.S. I will be hosting a group of 15 women on a retreat to Greece next year. We will get to visit every spot you will see in this course? Are you coming?? Be sure to comment below so I can share the information with you! Ooompah!

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