Athens & Our Journey to the Oracle of Delphi

We arrive in Athens!!!

Whenever I travel to Europe, I am struck by the sense of history. It is a knowing and a deep grounding in the truth that I, we, have only been on this eARTh for a very short time (at least in this lifetime). There is a sense of place that is freeing. You can't take yourself THAT seriously standing in front of temples that are thousands of years old.

I am joined by two of my best ART GYPSY Soul Sisters!

You've met Harpal. You should see how she comes alive in Greece! She is intending to move there and it is so obvious that Greece is a power place for her. She is our guide!

Marie Mbouni is a member of our Creatively Fit Coaching Tribe, a dear friend, and a walking Master. I do not say that lightly. She is an anesthesiologist who is transitioning into a full time shamanic healer, cermonialist, and overall incredible guide. She likes to say that she puts people to sleep as a DR. and wakes people UP as a healer! She felt the call to come to Greece and I always honor her wisdom. She confirmed after the trip that we were each "activated" into new levels of personal power and self-expression. Yes!

Without me even saying anything, Harpal and Marie brought their watercolors and their journals. They will be a part of the lessons so you can witness how others express themselves in the course!

Everywhere we are surrounded by the energy of the sacred...

We visited this viewpoint of the Acropolis (first photo on this page) the same night we flew into Athens. That is the key to rocking "jet lag." Stay up and get on the local time schedule asap.

This image above is from the same viewpoint, just looking the other direction. On this hill is another temple that served as a gathering space for communal announcements, political gatherings and events for the ancient Athenians.

This theme of traveling UP to get to the temples will repeat itself...

ART GYPSIES like to seek out the local spots...

After our sightseeing downtown around the Acropolis, Harpal, Marie and I were ushered by Harpal's friend Michaeli to a local spot for dinner. This place was amazing. A "hole in the wall" on a corner of a city neighborhood, with no sign and tables just spilling out onto the sidewalk and street around it, this place was a classic "diamond in the rough!" We feasted and drank the local "RAKI" until we were so happy & full for pennies!

I always love when I feel like I have pierced the "veil" while traveling. It is when you can really FEEL what it is like to live in this space, not just as a tourist...we are "locals" here.

Time for bed!

DAY 2 We Travel to Delphi

We were all excited to make the 3 1/2 hour trip to the Oracle of Delphi.

This is the historical spot where, in ancient Greek times, people would travel to receive guidance from the Oracle of Delphi, the priestess or the Pythis, the high priestess at the Temple of Apollo (pictured here above and below).

As we drove, just 3 1/2 hours in modern day with a car, I was struck at the pilgrimage this trip would have been back in the day. Thinking symbolically, which I love to do, I imagined that for any of us to access our own deepest wisdom, our own inner Oracle, that it takes a break from the routine, an immersion into a different "landscape," whether physical or purely energetic (it could just mean spending a half day in your bedroom painting and meditating, or hiking to a waterfall or through a forest). It is this diversion from our "normal" that can create the right conditions for us to receive new clarity or insight.

As we approached Delphi, we wound our way up and up. Hmmmm...

Again, thinking symbolically, we were raising our elevation.

The temple was built on the side of a mountain.

Raising our elevation sounds an awful lot like raising our vibration.

So, to journey to our own "temple" to access our own "inner Oracle," what we need to do is get out of our familiar spaces and raise our vibration.

THAT'S why temples are built on hills and mountains--to symbolize in the physical world what we can also experinece in the realms of energy and consciousness! Ah-hah!

My intention from the beginning was to allow GREECE to co-create this course with me.

As I stood in front of the Temple of Apollo, I heard an inner voice, as if from the High Priestess herself, "We didn't tell them anything they didn't already know."

I understood there that this Art Gypsy Greece Watercolor Experience was an invitation to you from your OWN High Priestess to make the journey to your own "TEMPLE" (your watercolor journal), to access your own highest wisdom (Oracle). You, we, have everything we need.

Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we have always had it, we just didn't know and weren't taught what to do.

The exact PROCESS that we are going to use to access our own inner Oracle was revealed on the island of Ikaria...stay tuned for that ah-hah further into our journey.

As I walked up the mountain, I was struck by a shade of divine ANGER!

The Temple of Apollo (reading from the sign posted at the spot) was built to Apollo, "god of music, harmony and light" and it "occupied the most important and prominent position in the Delphic Sanctuary." The first version of this temple was built in the second half of the 7th century BC!

It was built on the site of volcanic spring that emitted vapors that the Pythia, or High Priestess, would sit over to put her into a trance like state, from which she could deliver the oracles, or messages from Apollo himself--remember the god of music, harmony and light.

I took a moment to stand at the edge of this part of the Delphic Sanctuary and asked the Divine Feminine to guide us on this journey.

As I proceeded up the pathway, past other temples, arenas, and amphitheaters, I felt a sort of righteous anger bubbling up. It was as if I was looking at my surroundings through the eyes of the High Priestess.

Most of the structures build after the Temple of Apollo were built to commemorate victories in battles, wars, and conquests.

"They forgot the whole point!" I felt myself thinking.

"They got it all wrong. They forgot what was important! Silly patriarchy! They thought their battles and conquests were so important. They forgot about the harmony and light."


It was like I was FEELING the shift in energy, the shift that happened over a millenia, from love to fear.

This is our journey now...from fear to love.

The Divine Feminine voice, wisdom, is within ALL of us, men and women alike.

It is this voice that is wanting more of our attention, more of a platform.

THAT is why you are here.

Through playing with color and flow, we are going to REMEMBER our own source of wisdom. It is all within. You have everything you need.

I am so thrilled you are here with us!

To your highest knowing and greatest sense of FLOW,

P.S. Here is a great web page with more information about the HERstory of the Oracle of Delphi.

P.P.S. This is the view from our lunch spot after our Delphi tour! How does it get any better than that!? Stay tuned for information about our Art Gypsy Greece Retreat Spring 2019. Are you coming with me???

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