Private SSF Sessions with Whitney Freya

A 1-on-1 Super Soul Flow Session with me is powerful.


Because I am able to step into the role of your Infinite Self and speak to your true potential in any given situation.

I see WHAT YOU DESIRE as already complete AND I hold up the mirror to show you in this future reality. Sometimes we need another to hold up the mirror and show us our greatness.

  • Do you have a stubborn worry that is not going away? What would it be worth to eradicate it for good!?
  • Do you need the accountability of someone else witnessing your ah-hah, your truth, to inspire you to CONTINUE to take steps in that direction?
  • Do you want to learn how to fluidly guide yourself through these meditations, more clearly channeling the conversation with your Infinite Self?

In the group meditations I can only ask general questions.

In private, 1-on-1, sessions, I am right there with you and can BE your Infinite Self, asking the exact right questions and follow the flow of what is happening exactly. It is magical!

A 1-on-1 Session with me is $199 for a one hour session AND a 15 minute follow-up call within 30 days of our session.


Purchase THREE 1-on-1 Sessions for just $499 (save $98!).

So, when you need a BOOST and some FREYA LOVE, just book a session!

LOVE to you! Whitney Freya

P.S. I also work with clients 1-on-1 through the entire Super Soul Flow Course. Comment below if you would like more details.

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