Session 1 - Part 1 Why the time is NOW!

This meditation course is the result of five years of deep inner work, as I processed some MAJOR life changes.

As life becomes more and more challenging, with greater challenges and more intense demands on our time, I am committed to rising above, taking back energy where it is being wasted (human drama, minor frustrations and annoyances, etc.) and channeling that energy towards more of what I want.

And one of my biggest DESIRES is to continue to show up for you as a source of inspiration and to give you permission to look at life from a different "facet."

What I discovered is that there is a different kind of intimate relationship that you can have with your soul (call it whatever feels comfortable), or the eternal part of you that results in a feeling that she can only describe as SUPER SOUL FLOW.

Once you get to Session #2, you can download your workbook. For now, I want to share how others have connected to the "Freya Knot" symbol in their journal.

YOU having a "conversation" with this symbol is both vital and magical! Enjoy!

Sandy Combs-Martin is a Creatively Fit Coach and when she shared this journal page, it blew me away! This symbol is within the electron symbol! LOVE is everywhere!

I love the feathers Antonella Bargione added to her journal entry! Of course, the sparkle is magic!!!

Please comment below and share with us the message you are receiving from this symbol!

Thank you for opening up to your Super Soul Flow!!!

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