Session 1 - Part 2 We go to the BEACH in Australia to connect to the LOVE!

So happy you are here! Ready to go to the beach!? I bring you along as I explore this beach in Australia for the first time!

This SSF Meditation Course is designed to provide you with a blueprint that you will be able to follow and use from now on in your life to consistently access your infinite self and live from a perspective of love rather than fear.

When you complete your SSF Lessons, it will come naturally to you. You will recognize a feeling that is a “shade” of fear, you will ask yourself, “Do I want to continue to feel this way?” If not, you shift to the remembering that you are in truth a UNION of your Soul and your Body, and from that perspective you can CREATE the change to feel differently, bringing yourself back into a state of love.

The Super Soul Flow BLUEPRINT

FEAR… I FEEL fearful (worried, sad, angry, overwhelmed, stressed, limited, stuck, trapped…)

CHOOSE… I CAN choose to stay in this vibration OR Rise Above

UNION…I AM an infinite being having a physical experience. Oh yeah! I can reunite with the aspect of me who has exactly what I need right now.

CREATE…I RECEIVE my Super Soul Flow by tuning in to my creative frequency. RainbowBridgeFM. I paint with light. I AM an Artist of the Spirit.

LOVE…I RISE to the vibration of love. I look at life from a higher perspective that is informed by infinite possibility. I have my wings!

You will become more and more familiar with this process until it is your second nature! YOU are meant to be in your love!

Here is Creatively Fit Coach Minette Riordan's musings from the beach in California...I love the lotus flower at the base and the sun at the crown!

Are you willing and ready to shift from fear to love and from a limited, physical being to an infinite, energetic being? YES?

In between sessions in Super Soul Flow, we encourage you to go to the canvas to connect to the ideas and meditations that you experience here. Minette's Freya Knot painting, layers and layers of intention and ideas, vibrates, doesn't it!?

Here is a link to the "Freya Knot" guided meditation for your listening relaxation and deepening into your personal Super Soul Flow:

And here is a longer version of the guided meditation:

I SO look forward to guiding you through your first Super Soul Flow Meditation in Session 2! See you there! Register now...

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