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Our world needs us now!

Together, we can vision into the NEW WORLD we want to create, individually and collectively!

Vision Quest . The Creatively Fit Program is an elemental journey into the heART of Mother eARTh and your own TRUE creative nature.

Vision Quest . The Creatively Fit Program is the "grounding" aspect of your new creative journey and Super Soul Flow the Meditation Course is the "charging" aspect.

It is recommended that you VISION QUEST and then SUPER SOUL FLOW!

Enrollment is open for VISION QUEST.

There’s an infinite, magical BEING within you, seeking creative expression. It’s a part of you that may be waiting right now … just waiting …for you to step into your BIGNESS!

Inside, you know it’s true. You came to your life for a greater reason than simply having a job, raising a family, paying bills.

And when you open the door to this greater part of YOU, all the creativity, magic, miracles and infinite possibilities of the Universe become available to you, setting you free to literally create the life you desire – unfettered by the limits of the rational mind.

It’s time to make your VISION for your life REAL and
Reclaim Your Right to Your Creative Truth

In order to really do this, to set yourself free to become that BEING just waiting inside you, requires a level of “fitness.” Creative Fitness…

As humans, creativity is at the core of our being. Your LIFE is a canvas upon which you create YOU! Your RESULTS come from what you do with the material you’ve been given.

Yet many of us create by default. We allow our creative “muscles” to get weak from lack of use, then give in to false beliefs about our POWERFUL role in the creative process.

Our old stories around creativity (the “I-can’t-even-draw-a-straight-line” mentality) are based on old programming which tells us creativity and art only have value if you can earn $$$ from it.

For those of us who were told, or somehow absorbed someone else’s opinion–like an art teacher’s–that we were “not talented,” we are ready for the NEW Creativity.


Everything in your life E-X-P-A-N-D-S when you are initiated into this new creative vibration.

  • Vision Quest contains 8 modules.
  • Vision Quest Includes AIR, FIRE, WATER + eARTh modules.
  • Vision Quest includes hours of video instruction.
  • Vision Quest includes BRAND NEW video instruction by Creatively Fit Coaches: Desiree East, Kristen Fagan, Christine Pensa, Michelle Walker, Nic Kleeman, Karen "Shama Mama" Adamski, Larissa Davis, Dr. Minette Riordan, Antonella Bargione and Erna van Dyk!
  • Vision Questers meet for LIVE monthly group calls with Angela Murray or Whitney Freya or other Creatively Fit Coaches.
  • Monthly Group Calls are available to all members of Vision Quest for the life of the course! And it is not going anywhere!
  • Vision Questers also enjoy lifetime membership to the Teachable classroom AND the private Facebook Page for the Whitney Freya Studio.
  • Upon enrollment at the full payment option, you can choose to add Super Soul Flow for $100 off!

Fitness for the Spirit . Your PERSONAL PAINTING PRACTICE

To be creatively fit is not about mastering a particular form of art. It’s about having access to your Soul’s Genius as a creative being … as a Creatrix on this planet!

To be creatively fit is to have the ability to go out of your left brain and into that space of infinite possibility.

To be creatively fit is to allow your eternal brilliance to unfold for you – as your life.

To be creatively fit means actively engaging your LIFE as the canvas of your Soul.

Imagine for a moment that whatever dream you are dreaming is already there waiting for you…up on a shelf, somewhere in the back reaches of your life possibilities …

Your task then, is to simply walk over to the shelf and claim it!

Do You Want To…

• …write a book?
• …start your own business?
• …release extra weight from your body?
• …help women in underdeveloped countries?
• …raise your children to live inspired, purposeful lives?
• …go deeper into your spiritual journey?
• …stop holding back, distracting yourself from your dreams with the “routine?”
• …feel more energy and happiness?

Or maybe your desire is attached to a fear … It could be the fear of never truly feeling alive, the fear of never finding your purpose, or the fear of never experiencing a level of alignment, bliss, or love you desire.

Positive or negative, the desire is a signal that the potential for YOU does indeed exist.

The energy of your emotions would not be so deep and intense if it wasn’t part of your Divine Assignment, your soul’s purpose.

These are clear signs that you are being called to QUEST … to deepen your connection with your inner brilliance – your Soul’s creative mastery.

The Question Is …

How long do you want to take to get there?

Because here’s what I know: When you let go and allow your life to be the canvas of your Soul, the life you deeply desire becomes possible.

So are you happy with the results you’re getting out of life right now? Are your experiences enriching you, growing you, bringing you satisfaction and challenge?

Or is what you’ve created thus far leaving you flat … bored, unstimulated or maybe even sad?

Your desire and your longing are signs that this potential reality ALREADY exists for you. Your desire means that whatever it is you want to experience, express or create is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!

The only real unknown is whether or not you are ready to take the action, make the choices, or step into the new experiences that will lead to the manifestation of your desire.

Angela Murray joins Whitney Freya as your Vision Quest Guide

"Living life in FULL colour!"

Angela Murray is Whitney Freya's first Creatively Fit Master Coach. During Vision Quest, you will enjoy monthly Group Calls led by Angela Murray, or Whitney Freya, and other guest CCFC Master Coaches. Whitney Freya devotes most of her "live attention" and 1-on-1 coaching to her Creatively Fit Coaching Training Program and her 1-on-1 clients.

"I’m Angela Murray – I’m an artist, a coach, a specialist in the art of having a creative mind.

Over my 35-year corporate career with leading international brands, I saw how nurturing creativity lead to bold thinking, innovation, happiness and success. I also saw businesses fade away when their people were squashed into tight little boxes, playing by the rules, hiding their gifts and afraid to take risks.

We can’t flourish if we are afraid to shine

My creative mindset experiences are designed to help you let go of the ‘rules’ and nurture your inner creativity and passion through artful play. Yes you are creative! Just let me show you how to uncover it!

It’s an opportunity to be brave and bold, experiment, take risks, have fun, find solutions in surprising places, make mistakes, succeed and ultimately, fly.

I could not have been as successful in the corporate world or managed the stresses of a senior management role if I had not regularly taken time to nurture my creativity."

I create these "sneak peek" videos to get a feel for how elemental your creative nature truly is.

How the element of eARTh wants to help you...

Note: These videos were created for Vision Quest 2018, but are still relevant for this year.

Musings on the element of WATER...

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Vision Quest Message from Whitney re. FIRE!!!

Vision Quest Message from Whitney re. AIR...

Whitney Freya is widely regarded for her individual attention, accessibility, and passion for this “work,” her soul’s calling. She spends her days painting, having soul-full conversations with clients around the world, and living in a home and mountain valley that inspire her daily.

She created VISION QUEST to ground your new creative story into Mother eARTh. She, personally, guides theCreatively Fit Coaches in training through Vision Quest + Super Soul Flow. This course is for those of you who know you want to Vision Quest and experience your own, personal transformation. You will be guided by Angela Murray and her team of Creatively Fit Master Coaches.

Whitney has made a commitment to personal freedom and chooses to CREATE a life that gets her fired up each day. Her mantra, “Life is the canvas of my soul,” is her guiding light on her journey through life, and has been the energetic force which now allows her to travel, have the flexibility to spend quality time with her kids, and feel FREE to create the life that fulfills, inspires, and supports her.

But it hasn’t always been that way …

Whitney knows all-too-well that feeling of being trapped … and feeling like she didn’t have the power to make the changes in her life she deeply desired. For her, the change came when she was finally willing to answer the question: “What would I do if I knew I would be 100% supported, safe, and loved?”

In answering this, she gave herself permission to create the life that was HER truth, then stepped out from behind the shadow of her limiting beliefs about creativity and walked through the portal into a new life.

Today, Whitney has guided hundreds of women through the “portal of the blank canvas” and has had the great joy of watching their lives transform as they step into their most inspired lives!


  Vision Quest AIR Week ONE
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  Vision Quest FIRE Week THREE
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  Vision Quest WATER Week FIVE
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  Vision Quest WATER Week SIX
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  Vision Quest EARTH Week EIGHT
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  Vision Quest: Personal Retreat "Days"
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  Before You Finish Your Course Watch This....
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Are you ready to create more inspiration and MYSTERY in your life!? Since 1996, when I first painted on a canvas AFTER opening my art center, my life has been sprinkled with glitter AND pixie dust!

It does not mean it has been easy, or without crazy challenges, AND I have found my natural, "native," wild + free ME!

The journey to your wild + magical life HAS TO INCLUDE creativity! That is the only channel through which CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION can enter! Right?

And if there is one thing I know for sure: LIFE ISN'T LOGICAL!!!

So if you have always known that you are meant to live your MOST authentic, free spirited, joyful, abundant life, welcome to your TRIBE! Vision Quest is the first step--where you GROUND in the creativity reflected in Mother eARTh all around you.

Super Soul Flow is where you CHARGE and open up to the infinite within and surrounding you. When you register for Vision Quest you will be given an opportunity to enroll in Super Soul Flow for a significant discount.

My intention is that YOU Vision Quest AND get into your Super Soul Flow. These two courses initiate you completely into the NEW Creative Paradigm.

To your continued expansion + happiness,

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"I joined Vision Quest because I wanted to gain more confidence in pursuing a career change and my passion. I know how the left brain, logical thinking can get me stuck and I wanted to feel more balanced. Because of the weekly accountability check in's with my Creatively Fit Coach, Angela Murray, I am so excited about the breakthroughs I have made at the canvas and in my thinking! As I followed the Vision Quest journey through each element, each painting prompt and more I felt myself becoming more and more ME! Now I have lots of ideas of all the ways I can live my life in a more fulfilling way and I am happier! Thank you Whitney, Angela and the entire Vision Quest Tribe! ”

~Tammy Judd Jenny

"As a result of my Vision Quest, the battle I had felt going on in my mind, between my left and right brain, has ceased and I am now thoroughly enjoying new feelings of harmony and inspiration.

Where I had been stuck in developing my new Life Coaching Practice, I now have clarity and lots of movement. Even my business coach could not get the results I have experienced through Vision Quest. I am now able to focus on my heart's desire and allow that to inform my mind. That shift has made all the difference.

Whitney has been my Vision Quest Guide and has broken down all the barriers and helped me to fall in love again with all the potential my life has to offer! "

~Valerie Marsh,

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To say this program was a life-changer is no exaggeration. When I met Whitney, I was extremely left-brained and believed I "couldn't draw a straight line." No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't call myself "creative."

Being one that believes in stretching outside my comfort zone, I enrolled in the Creatively Fit Program and decided to explore a new depth of myself.

The program took me to places within me, not always comfortable, that I didn't know existed and the further I went the more I uncovered about myself.

Now, a few years later, I am passionate about cultivating the creativity within my own clients. I incorporate painting in my own workshops and it makes me laugh sometimes. "Who is this person who thought she had ZERO creative gifts?"

We all have them. Including YOU reading this! Jump into this program, please!! The world needs you to be brave, bold and creatively YOU!"

~VidetteVanderweide, Mind In Color