Suggested Supply List

Suggested Supply List

When in doubt, any acrylic paints, painting surface and brushes you have will work great!

And if you want our recommended supplies, especially if you have none at all, please refer to the pdf below.

For my Bali Painting Yoga Lessons...

Each of the 8 lessons have a sort of bonus lesson that I created while in Bali!

Since I was traveling, I am painting in my art journal with HIMI Gouache.

You can WAIT to buy the HIMI's until you choose to experience the Bali series in this Rise Above course or you could also use acrylics, just like you are using on the canvas, in your art journal OR you can certainly enjoy my Painting Yoga sessions on a canvas too.

It's almost like having two courses in one. How fun is that!?

*CLICK THIS LINK to purchase your HIMI's if you like. They are gel gouache - so more like watercolors, but thicker like acrylics than normal watercolors. They travel well AND they are way heavier than watercolors. THIS IS THE ART JOURNAL I use.

I would recommend watching the first Bali video lesson & then choosing how to proceed.

*links are Amazon associates links...

RISE ABOVE Supply List (1) (1).pdf
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