In 1996, with zero art training--I had not even painted on a canvas or taken an art class since I was 15-- I was deeply called to create a safe & inspiring space where people could come to learn how to create at the canvas so that what they learned in art class would inspire & empower the art that is their life.

I was 26 years old and committed to creating my own magical life. After graduating from the University of Michigan and going off to sell books door-to-door for the next 4 summers, I was VERY clear that life was MUCH more like a blank canvas than a multiple choice test!

I had been given the understanding in a moment of clarity, a classic ah-ha or lightbulb moment, that we are meant to live our lives as art. So, with money I made selling books door-to-door in Walla Walla, WA during the summer of 1995, I bought a run-down, crack house in an up and coming commercial neighborhood in Nashville, TN. After months of knuckle-swelling renovations, on May 1st, 1996 (over 25 years ago!), I opened The Creative Fitness Center.

Fast forward…

what we are experiencing today in this world is a result of forgetting the truth of our roles as Life Artists. We were conditioned to work, to achieve, to live up to others expectations, to fill roles that others deemed “appropriate,” and to expect life to be a battle, a struggle...and what the world needs now is to get Creatively Fit.

We are now remembering that we are ALL artists and that the art we are creating in each and every moment is our life and we are either doing it with or without awareness.

This Creatively Fit Coaching Training is designed in a way that is super targeted to help you to inspire our world, to make money doing what you love, to serve and heal the world from our creative wounds.

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Reclaiming your SELF is a journey from the over-thinking, overwhelmed, over-conditioned mind to the inspired, present-moment, liberated heART. Let’s reMEMBER & reCLAIM the essence of who you are & what you are here to CREATE!

To support you along your journey of SELF-reclamation, Whitney will be sharing mind shift reminders to help you nurture thoughts that are in alignment with our collective journey in 2024.

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2024 is guiding you within. As the external world becomes more discordant, you are prompted to source your sense of happiness & security from within. As you reclaim who YOU are, your essence, your most authentic SELF, you move through life CREATING what you love and what you need from the INSIDE out.

Join one of Whitney’s ONLINE COURSES now to learn how your painting practice wants to support your journey in 2024…

No Painting Experience Required...

...just an open mind & heART.

In the creation of this course, I was surprised over & over. I showed up at the canvas to film each lesson and was lovingly guided & delighted. As the external world gets more and more shaky, we are called to go within to RECLAIM our Creative Self, YOUR most authentic personal expression. YES!

This is the course that led to my latest book 30 Days to Unstoppable, Be the Dream Made Visible.

In it you paint a most MAGICAL mandala-- you will see examples HERE. You will also learn a guided meditation practice that is truly life-changing!

We meet once a month on Zoom for guided meditations, inspired, authentic sharing, and much more.