Creatively Fit Coaching Training 2022

The Creatively Fit Coaching Training has radically transformed to serve you better....

The Special Edition of CCFC Training begins

NEXT Training begins October 1st, 2022.

Course is limited to 35 people.


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Launched July 1st, 2022, our newest ARTreach is going to send our heARTs orbiting around the globe!

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I am SO happy you are here!

Please allow me to share my message with you in the video below...

On February 10th, 2022, I was in my studio painting, journaling, pulling cards for each month of 2022 and asking myself,

“What do I want to create MORE of this year?”

The answer was immediate.

“I want to collaborate with my Creatively Fit Coaches more.

I want to use our art as activism… ARTivism.

I want to help women in need.”

Literally, within seconds I received the words:



Literally. It was handed to me just like that. Complete... an “Unstoppable Dream” being offered to me to birth into the world.

I said yes! I hope you will too - this is a collective creation!

Now, I want to invite you to step into this circle, this FESTIVAL with me and change lives…

…our own lives,…the lives of those we will reach with our “share + ripple,”

…and the lives of women around the world who are suffering right now.

...with 21 different painting workshops, taught by 21 different Creatively Fit Coaches & a few Special Guests.

...within which you get to explore your own Feminine Power + Artistry, as each featured teacher shares how she is connecting to her Feminine Power + Artistry.

...that invites you into a deeper knowing of who you are and what makes you SO awesome! which each of the 21, approximately 60 minute workshops, explores an aspect of Feminine Power + Artistry, and / or a specific Goddess who represents a pantheon of Feminine Power + Artistry.

...where I will be painting a Goddess Freya who has empowered me to reclaim my own personal sovereignty, abundance and much more in my workshop. which you can explore the Creatrix archetype with Creatively Fit Coach Colleen Talbot and the qualities of the Empress with Creatively Fit Coach Desiree East.

...with Special Guest Teacher Tahverlee Anglen painting the Witch Goddess.

...with Karen Adamski, Shama Mama, and CCFC, painting Grandmother Moon. which you and CCFC Kim Sales, Lantern Light Studio, can paint the Goddess Brigid together.

...that will include an interview with me & each featured teacher, released throughout April and May 2022, to expand upon how the knowing we discover during our painting practice can ripple out into the art that is our lives.

...that requires ZERO painting experience. We have a whole lesson just for beginner painters to help you "remember" the basics quick & easy! This "studio" specializes in creating safe, supportive and inspiring space for ALL Life Artists.

Here are some examples of the paintings created in the Festival lessons by our Featured Teachers...