Supply List


  • Any size canvas or watercolor paper or mixed media paper.
  • Acrylic paints. Whatever colors you have is perfect. It is fun to have some metallic GOLD!
  • Brushes, palette, rags... all your normal painting supplies.

For the 1st time in a LONG time I will be teaching my mixed media style.

  • The image below is my Yellow TARA (an aspect of Lakshmi) that I painted in 2013'ish. If you look closely, you can see the squares of fabric and patterned paper in the underlayers.
  • For this Lakshmi Day, please bring any kinds of scrap fabric, papers, gold leaf, etc. to layer into the painting.
  • If you have a satin or gloss acrylic medium, you can use that for the glue, but in the image below I just used the same acrylic paint I was painting with, so either way is fine.
  • If you like an excuse to go to an art store, you could go and buy some of the fun, patterned paper they sell in sheets or in packs for mixed media. OR simply learn the process with whatever you have (newspaper, old books, etc) and purchase those supplies later.
  • This is the kind of gold leaf I use: AMAZON ASSOC. LINK
  • Here is some fun paper, or an idea of the kind of paper I might use: Amazon Link

Down the rabbit hole I go... 

You do NOT need these papers, gold leaf, etc. AND if you want to follow me... 

Check out this WASHI TAPE! Gah! ‚Äč

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