Art Gypsy Guatemala

An Owl Painting Journey

Join me virtually in GUATEMALA to paint OWLS…

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You will love this video...a MINI VACATION right here!

...paint to connect to our Wild Woman Self!

...journey within to explore new internal landscapes & fields of possibilities. with the unknown & lean into the mystery.

...welcome our allies in all forms to guide us & assist us express ourselves authentically.

...are COURAGEOUS! our “OWL Medicine!”


From 2009 to 2011 I painted OWLS.

I mean, I ONLY painted owls.

Even when I tried I could not paint anything else.

In 2010, about 30 owl painting in, I got the hint--there was a REASON I was painting owls.

OWL wants to infuse you with the COURAGE that comes from being able to see CLEARLY, no matter how dark it is.

OWL came to guide me out of my own “underworld” experience in 2011.

When I moved into my own house in 2012, I took a year to build a sacred fire pit.

It was ready for its christening for MONTHS.

It just didn’t happen.

Until my friend showed up for a weekend with a great horned OWL she had found on the side of the road!

We honored its spirit, its journey, and we asked it for its blessings. And we sent it back to the sky in the fire.


6 years later I bought my FIRST house.

I was preparing to move my fire pit stones...I was sharing the story with a friend, explaining why I HAD to move the rocks--even though I was swamped with the move.


My daughter called me.

“Mom, I hit an owl driving home on the north highway and I didn’t know where it went and I got back to your house and there it was still stuck to the bumper...dead.”

I moved the sacred fire pit stones.

I prepared the precious messenger, my animal ally that was showing up again. And I christened the NEW fire pit with another great horned owl.

I noticed as I continued to move and settle into my new home, how all my owl art and altar objects had made it past the garage holding area and into my new space.

I got the message: 2019 is when I create my owl painting course.

In 2016 I began to fly.

I have a “wing.”

I fly a paraglider.

I googled, “best place to fly in March.”

Within 10 minutes I had booked flights to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for me and my flying friend, co-house renovation buddy and filmmaker, Forrest.

We will film Art Gypsy Guatemala, the Owl Painting Experience.

Little did I know…

...the magic had just begun!

Join me in the painting journey to connect to the most POWERFUL animal totem that is the owl.


Explore Lake Atitlan, Guatemala with me--wait until you hear how truly guided we were to go there.

Receive OWL’s...




...connection to the mystery.


Then, Owl guides us into a centering ARTual to prepare us for living and creating our most expansive, courageous life.

We focus in on our “wings,” feathers...that lightness of being, rising above….


The Universe, our infinite selves, the Goddess, God, Jesus…

...wants us to see the truth of our lives more CLEARLY and to move in our world with COURAGE!

...exploring your “edge.”

...choosing to turn and face the unknown that has been calling to you.

...receiving all the guidance, support and love you need to take that next step (whatever it is in your life).

...embracing that which has been in your shadows.

...your strength.

...your wisdom.

...following your own inner guidance and vision.


AND it’s FUN!

It doesn’t get much better than painting OWLS!!!


Oh! And I bring you with me high into the air over Lake Atitlan.

Join me as we tickle the bottom of the clouds! (I had never flown so close to the cloud base! We even fly THROUGH clouds together!)

Together all of us Art Gypsies choose to SOAR!

Get started now!


We paint a whole FLOCK of Owls together!

Learn to paint more texture...

...more layers.

...with stencils.


...playing & flying & HOOTing with courageous joy!